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We did awesome in record time!

In just 7 days before the wedding day, the groom contacted us out of the blue & asked if we could create a massive 1400 x 1100 Seating plan with white writing on acrylic and we did. The job included the design, layout, graphics & printing and we NAILED it!

We bent over backwards to meet the deadline and appease a particularly fussy groom. Hours and hours were spend playing with fonts, adjusting the layout, tweaking here and there until a delighted Bride and Groom were truly HAPPY to sign off to enable us to get the print happening pronto!

To make it easy for guests to find their seat, the plan was in alphabetical order.

During the mega Seating Plan process Melissa & Brendon realised that they hadn’t thought of a Welcome Sign. Of course we happily obliged, designed and created it including a rose decal that Brendon was keen to include. We delivered The Welcome Sign to the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Highgate, waited, then delivered it to the Reception at Mandoon Estate, Swan Valley.

Being at the Church provided the opportunity to see Melissa in her astonishingly beautiful Brides by Design wedding gown. I have to say Melissa was the coolest, calmest Bride I have ever seen.

This is what Melissa had to say about their experience with us

Where do I even start with how bloody amazing Hermes and Bree are! With just over a weeks notice, Hermes made the impossible happen. Not only did he create an incredible seating chart for 270 people and a beautiful welcome sign, he was so patient with my now husband, Brendan, who is the fussiest person I know.

Melissa Zollo 26th September 2018

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Reception Venue: Mandoon Estate, Swan Valley